Today’s Building Services Pty Ltd is a Western Australian company that offers consultancy and certification services to the building industry, State Government and Local Government in Western Australia.

We specialise in small to medium size commercial and residential projects and the assessment of Alternative Solutions to the Deemed-to-Satisfy provision of the National Construction Code.

We are registered with the WA Building Commission as Building Services Contractors Level 1 (unrestricted).

We offer the following services:

  • Assessment of plans and specification for proposed building work,
  • Certificates of Design Compliance for new building work,
  • Certificates of Construction Compliance for completed building work,
  • Certificates of Building Compliance for un-authorised building work,
  • Assessments of Alternative Solutions, including Fire engineering    solutions
  • Preliminary Building Code assessments for proposed buildings,
  • Building Code and regulation audits on existing buildings,
  • Inspections of building work under construction,
  • Inspections and certification of un-authorised building work,
  • Advice on Building Codes and regulation,
  • Training in building Codes and Regulation,
  • Training for Owner Builders.