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Forms and check sheets

The following check sheets have been developed to assist Builders and property owners in the submission of applications for:

  • Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC) for Building Permits, and
  • Certificates of Building Compliance (CBC) for Building Approval Certificates for un-authorised work or Strata Title submissions, and
  • Certificates of Construction Compliance (CCC) for Occupancy Permits for commercial buildings.

Class 1 – Houses

Applicant checklist for CDC-Class 1 – single housing

Applicant checklist for CDC-Class 1 – additions and alterations

Applicant checklist for CBC-Class 1

Applicant checklist for CBC-Class 1&2 – Strata


Class 10 – sheds, carports, patios, retaining walls etc

Applicant checklist for CDC-Class 10 buildings – non habitable buildings

Applicant checklist for CBC-Class 10 buildings – non habitable buildings and structures


Class 2-9 Commercial Buildings

Applicant checklist for CDC – Class 2-9 – Commercial buildings

Applicant checklist for CCC-Commercial building Occupancy Permits

Applicant checklist for CBC-Class 2-9 commercial buildings


New WA bushfire regulations

In April 2016 the WA government introduced new regulations that require all new homes or extensive additions to existing homes to comply with the bushfire standards if located in a designated bush-fire prone area. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) have developed a bush-fire area map of WA that has been adopted under the new regulations.

If you are building in WA you should first check the DFES bush-fire map to determine if you are in a designated bush-fire prone area. If you are in a bush-fire area, then you will need to have your property assessed by a registered assessor who can determine the Bush-fire Attack Level (BAL) rating for your property before submitting an application for a building permit.  more information about the new bush-fire regulations and BAL ratings can be obtained from the WA building Commission website

If you intend on building in a bush land areas in other states, you should check with your local government before designing your house to find out whether the area has been designated as a bush-fire prone area.  If it is not a designated bush-fire prone area, then compliance with the bush-fire construction requirements of the BCA is not mandatory.


Building approval application forms

For Application forms for Building Permits, Occupancy Permits and Building Approval Certificates please visit the building commission website.


Information on the following websites may also assist Building Industry practitioners.

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Association of Building Sustainability Assessors